I would like to pay for my medical care with a monthly retainer.

Healthcare for the Self-Employed

As a self-employed Consultant/Contractor for some years, healthcare costs are a constant struggle for me. Workers in my category typically do not qualify for any type of group health-care insurance plan. For those of us that do pay for our family’s health insurance (sadly, most don’t), there is virtually no legal protection against arbitrary insurance cancellation. What happens if I get cancer? I get cancelled, that’s what.

  • No Cobra.
  • No group discounts.
  • No protection.

Many of us have what is referred to as “catastrophic insurance”, very high deductibles in the $5000 to $10,000 range. All normal medical expenses come directly out of my pocket.

Another Option

A growing trend is  for some physicians to offer care based on a monthly rate along with a modest per-visit and per-prescription charge. This is ideal for those with ongoing medical conditions that require regularly refilled medication.

A USA Today article came out today about this subject.

I can vouch for this model. For a few years, I had a personal physician that would write me prescriptions when needed, give me valued advice and provide me with some peace of mind that I could call someone “my doctor”.

Screwed Again

Unfortunately, he sold his practice. The group he is now with has no such option and will not take cash payments. They only bill to insurance companies.


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